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Pilates classes, tai chi classes and yoga classes keep your mind and body healthy.

Pilates Workouts
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Developed more than 70 years ago, Pilates classes utilize corrective exercises and specialized equipment to re-pattern the imbalance of the body musculature. Pilates classes offer a whole new way to workout that integrates strength training and mental discipline into your fitness routine. Review our group exercise class schedule to find out more about Pilates classes.


After 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, after 20 sessions you’ll see a difference… after 30 you’ll have a whole new body      - JOSEPH PILATES


60-Minute Reformer Sessions

60-Minute Partner Reformer Sessions

TRIO/QUAD Reformer Sessions

Single Session $78

Single Session $53

Single Session $44

3 Session Trial* Package $229

6 Session Package $305

6 Session Package $250

6 Session Package $445

12 Session Package $575

12 Session Package $457

12 Session Package $845

25 Session Package $1130


25 Session Package $1655



Pilates 60 Minute Reformer Sessions available to guests at $87 per session ( One time purchase limited to new clients only)

Pilates 60 Minute Partner Reformer Sessions available to guests at $68 per session.

Pilates 60 Minute Trio/Quad Reformer Sessions available to guests at $51 per session.

**Partner and Trio/Quad pricing is per person.


We also offer Pilates classes that utilize small fitness equipment, as well as small group Pilates classes.

Apparatus Pilates Classes  // Add intensity and variety to Pilates Based Mat Exercise with wall springs, flex ring toners, rotating disks, foam rollers, and wobble boards. Learn new exercises that improve your balance, stability and proprioception while strengthening and stretching. New sessions start every month.


Instructor Carol Miller ext. 813

Partner Reformer/Tower Training

Wed. 8:30am


TRIO Reformer/Tower Training

Thurs. 10am



Fri. 9am



Sat. 9:30am

Intermediate/ Advanced


Instructor Pat Mahon ext. 162

TRIO Reformer/Tower Training

Tues. 5pm



Tues. 6pm

Strong Intermediate


Thurs. 6pm



Fri. 12:30pm